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Title: Palandrome Game
Description: mom backwards is mom. Racecar is racecar

Kaiser - November 25, 2005 07:24 PM (GMT)
Like mom spelled backward is mom and same with dad. Think of as many as you can!

Ah Satan Sees Natasha

Super Sonic X - November 25, 2005 08:23 PM (GMT)
He is a powerful lufrewop, Asi Eh!

Not very good, but, meh.

Ekul - November 25, 2005 08:47 PM (GMT)
Senile felines
Ekul is I, Luke

Thatkidsam - November 25, 2005 09:09 PM (GMT)
I, man, am regal, a german am I

Race fast, safe car

God! A red nugget! A fat egg under a dog!

Go hang a salami, I'm a lasagna hog.

Lisa Bonet ate no basil.

If you're smart, you'd know where I got all of those.

And, as always...

Thatkidsam Masdiktaht

And his friend...

Eel Lee

PrincessHomestar - November 25, 2005 10:11 PM (GMT)
Step on no pets

Neil, a alien!

The Noid - November 25, 2005 10:21 PM (GMT)
QUOTE (Ekul @ Nov 25 2005, 08:47 PM)
Senile felines
Ekul is I, Luke

That second one's not a palindrome. :P

Racecar, racecar!

!We all love pie, eip evol laa ew!

In case you dont know what it means, it's supposed to be like:

We all love pie. Eep! Evil la...eww?


Super Sonic X - November 25, 2005 10:31 PM (GMT)
QUOTE (The Noid @ Nov 25 2005, 06:21 PM)
!We all love pie, eip evol laa ew!

In case you dont know what it means, it's supposed to be like:

We all love pie. Eep! Evil la...eww?

That still seems like cheating.

The Noid - November 25, 2005 10:38 PM (GMT)
QUOTE (Super Sonic X @ Nov 25 2005, 10:31 PM)
QUOTE (The Noid @ Nov 25 2005, 06:21 PM)
!We all love pie, eip evol laa ew!

In case you dont know what it means, it's supposed to be like:

We all love pie. Eep! Evil la...eww?

That still seems like cheating.

Well, what was you...loofroowrap stuff aboot? :P

Besides, all the good ones have been taken.

Allon Amanolla

From Space Tree.

Moldorma - November 25, 2005 11:04 PM (GMT)
Ogab! Moledorma's dad Sam rode lombago!

>_> So "Ogab" and "Moledorma" and "Lombago" aren't real words. But still. I made one! And my dad's name isn't Sam.

Kaiser - November 25, 2005 11:05 PM (GMT)
I prefer pi


Ghost of fotsohg

He was, evil live saw eh?

hot reed deer, toh!

Cow in ni W.O.C (W.O.C is an rpg called War of COnquest)

Super Sonic X - November 25, 2005 11:11 PM (GMT)
QUOTE (Moldorma @ Nov 25 2005, 07:04 PM)
Ogab! Moledorma's dad Sam rode lombago!

>_> So "Ogab" and "Moledorma" and "Lombago" aren't real words. But still. I made one! And my dad's name isn't Sam.

Yeah. I had to make up lufrewop, Asi, and Eh (in name form).

In the east, I had pastrami. Imar T., sap da hits, ae? Eh, Tni?

Wow, that was hard. And made no sense. It seems like I was giving a qoute to someone named Tni, and the quote was about telling "Imar T." to sap hits.

QUOTE (The Noid @ Nov 25 2005, 06:38 PM)
Well, what was you...loofroowrap stuff aboot?

It was supposed to be somebody telling someone named Asi Eh that someone was of an alien race called a lufrewop.

Joshua - November 25, 2005 11:37 PM (GMT)
Emos? Ew. A sign art's poop-strang is awesome.

Yes, I made that mess all by myself. Took me about half an hour. :homsar:

The Noid - November 26, 2005 01:31 AM (GMT)
the wolf goes "SOEG! Flow eht!"

It's about a hippie wolf.

Yeah, joo foo oof! ooj! HAEY!

Anime fight.

Ekul - November 26, 2005 02:06 AM (GMT)
QUOTE (The Noid @ Nov 25 2005, 06:21 PM)
QUOTE (Ekul @ Nov 25 2005, 08:47 PM)
Senile felines
Ekul is I, Luke

That second one's not a palindrome. :P


Ekul is I, Luke
ekuli s iluke

Joshua - November 26, 2005 02:23 AM (GMT)
Try to use less fake words, Noid. :unsure:

Spyrox6 - November 26, 2005 02:59 AM (GMT)
Yo banana boy

Kaiser - November 26, 2005 03:37 AM (GMT)
My gym tasks are too lonely?" a Jay Leno looter asks at my gym

Sahm - November 26, 2005 04:20 AM (GMT)
QUOTE (Thatkidsam @ Nov 26 2005, 06:39 AM)
I, man, am regal, a german am I

Race fast, safe car

God! A red nugget! A fat egg under a dog!

Go hang a salami, I'm a lasagna hog.

Lisa Bonet ate no basil.

If you're smart, you'd know where I got all of those.

And, as always...

Thatkidsam Masdiktaht

And his friend...

Eel Lee

I know where you got those, I was about to quote that song too if you hadn't already. It is from the song 'Bob', right?

Rise to vote, sir, do geese see god?
"Do nine men interpret?", "Nine men," I nod
Rats live on no evil star, Won't lovers revolt now?"
Race fast safe car
Pa's a sap, Ma is as selfless as I am
May a moody baby doom a yam

{harmonica solo}

Moldorma - November 26, 2005 02:32 PM (GMT)
"Pastrami hamma' him, Art Sap."

That's telling a guy name Art Sap to hit 'him' with a Pastrami Hammer.

The Noid - November 26, 2005 02:46 PM (GMT)
Hey, Palindrome's are hard! Also, I just pay attention to the words, not how the entire thing is spelled, so don't yell at me.

A man, a plan, a canal: Panama!

Stella won no wallets.

I moan, "Live on, O evil Naomi!"

Pull up if I pull up.

Knob red, no wonder! Bonk.

No lemons, no melon

I bet a couple of you know where I got those from. User common sense and you'll see.

Kaiser - November 26, 2005 02:52 PM (GMT)
rock star rats kcor

Thatkidsam - November 28, 2005 12:13 AM (GMT)
QUOTE (The Noid @ Nov 25 2005, 10:21 PM)
QUOTE (Ekul @ Nov 25 2005, 08:47 PM)
Senile felines
Ekul is I, Luke

That second one's not a palindrome. :P

Technically, it is. Punctuation isn't counted.

Super Sam - December 1, 2005 11:49 AM (GMT)
Never odd or even.

Ed 'lim' smilde.

Heh. Don't ask questions, just accept it.

Markie - December 1, 2005 03:18 PM (GMT)
Put uhs is, si shutup.


TheCheese - December 2, 2005 01:13 AM (GMT)
Nurses run.

Some men interpret nine memos.


Stanley Yelnats.

today a dot

Joshua - December 2, 2005 02:19 AM (GMT)
QUOTE (TheCheese @ Dec 1 2005, 09:13 PM)
Stanley Yelnats.

Holes palandrome getter....

Anyhoo... since I don't want to spend a half hour thinking of another palandrome, I will leave with a simple yet totally original-


Stinkoman K - December 2, 2005 02:34 AM (GMT)
no lemons, no melon

ma has a ham

a daffodil slid off Ada

Boston did not sob

Dee saw a seed


Ma is as selfless as I am

Thank you almanac!

CE1 - December 2, 2005 05:31 AM (GMT)
Madam, I'm Adam.

Markie - December 2, 2005 06:18 AM (GMT)
Hemisphere, ere hp si meh.

(Hemisphere, here HP say meh.)

CE1 - December 2, 2005 06:25 AM (GMT)
Markie?! Eik! Ram!

Shim-Sham-Sam - December 2, 2005 07:49 AM (GMT)
Come and get some pizza azzip emos teg dna emoc.

I know. I suck. But here's one from a webtoon that I'm surprised no one posted (or maybe I just missed it, but oh well).

Allon Amanolla

:eekdance: TOTPD DPTOT :eekdance:

Super Sonic X - December 2, 2005 11:28 AM (GMT)
Evil Olive

Kaiser - December 3, 2005 01:26 PM (GMT)
El Dorodo odor odle!

The Noid - December 3, 2005 01:27 PM (GMT)
QUOTE (Shim-Sham-Sam @ Dec 2 2005, 07:49 AM)
Come and get some pizza azzip emos teg dna emoc.

I know. I suck. But here's one from a webtoon that I'm surprised no one posted (or maybe I just missed it, but oh well).

Allon Amanolla

:eekdance: TOTPD DPTOT :eekdance:

You missed it. :P


Straw Warts

Episode 1: The Cremey Menace

Kaiser - December 4, 2005 10:26 PM (GMT)
QUOTE (The Noid @ Dec 3 2005, 01:27 PM)
QUOTE (Shim-Sham-Sam @ Dec 2 2005, 07:49 AM)
Come and get some pizza azzip emos teg dna emoc.

I know. I suck. But here's one from a webtoon that I'm surprised no one posted (or maybe I just missed it, but oh well).

Allon Amanolla

:eekdance: TOTPD DPTOT  :eekdance:

You missed it. :P


Straw Warts

Episode 1: The Cremey Menace

I know where you got those. >_> <_< i get mine from their also

TheCheese - January 2, 2006 04:35 AM (GMT)
QUOTE (Kaiser @ Dec 3 2005, 01:26 PM)
El Dorodo odor odle!

It's actually El DorAdo. Spanish is cool. I mean, {looks in translation book} Espanol es frio!

Shadow Scythe of Strongbadia? - January 26, 2006 02:54 PM (GMT)

It's a Finnish word for "Soap Salesman".

Super Sam - January 26, 2006 03:06 PM (GMT)
A man, a plan, a carpus, AEC, Rickey, EKG, navettes, Sorcha, Basil,
BSHA, Tizes, Ojai, AOU, Lana, Juta, Tildi, Komsa, REME, Rab, Manado,
Opaline, Bess, a rgen, a hcl, a robalo, Caracalla, Hagai, Dax, a
pixel, Alo, Eda, AMS, Rom, Ron, Ali, Alf, Rob, Edi, Alb, Edo, Pta,
ScB, a lien, a rom, Leal, Tanana, OSA, LLB, a sav, ROT, OSD, a bid,
Annabal, Kiona, a rim, Assam, a dual, a lye, Solis, Nora, DSM, Ven, a
longa, Rella, Eire, Tulsa, Far, Tsuga, Seel, Ardis, Risa, Vera, Tihwa,
a guy, FAA, a nat, a dagga, a nap, Elam, CMG, Eva, Elgan, Dia, Dib,
Reg, Gus, Cas, Red, a nan, Anam, Dis, Nedrah, CAP, TEL, Edina, CFI, a
dust, Casi, a cit, NbW, DCL, Vela, a bust, a sip, PMA, an aid, NbE, a
sin, Nel, a harp, Abe, Neh, a cps, Dacca, Ebba, a nov, Neb, ABM, a
grog, Tanya, Aila, Diaz, Sur, Ney, Oren, Mela, Cela, Dem, Iran, Erb,
ASN, SSM, Mel, Vala, Lek, Haber, Ieso, libri, Dora, a ter, CAB, Ver,
HSM, an apse, a spa, Loma, Dec, Ikara, Bop, Root, a get, Ino, CTA,
Kier, an aga, Laver, SJD, IPA, Islek, Aidan, Namen, APS, Ori, Vin, a
bap, Apo, APC, Lima, Nidorf, IAM, ARE, Cila, Pera, Feb, a liza, USA,
Swat, Rafa, Assen, a nerol, Liva, Cram, Levana, MSA, an arg, Marva,
Giles, Amos, Musa, a lamina, Atlas, Duala, Dior, a com, Alana, Lavona,
Phina, ERP, Amri, a lin, a mor, a mitra, a rat, a lie, Rida, Dew, a
beer, Cal, Dea, Deb, Saba, a lit, Eri, a cabana, Mala, Tav, eide,
Nema, a ream, Roda, a loca, a mola, Lema, Bena, Reeda, Tab, Tam, Tal,
Tan, Norina, EbS, Buna, ilia, Nevin, Parca, a cor, CSE, AFB, Bega, a
pan, Sib, a tor, a net, NYC, Kaja, Sin, a sugar, Lam, Mar, a tam, a
tan, AFM, Lad, Nast, Riana, Lida, Lab, MAA, Mac, Mab, Mae, Mad, Iden,
Plana, Mah, leva, Law, DATA, a tuna, Man, Leros, LHD, Arde, a nom,
Bina, a naira, a liar, Hon, Tala, Tura, Ned, Melena, an oka, amis, a
mir, a rove, a duc, LSM, Alita, Dine, Elik, a grama, FFI, Siva, OWI, a
mot, Ario, Ima, Reeva, Omor, Vte, an o-o, ELAS, Yerga, Tse, Sussi, an
ilk, Aviv, Torp, Yeh, Obola, PCA, Yama, Ally, Eur, a nil, a clam, Nod,
Nada, Lehar, Arran, Hale, Dar, a nit, anis, Irra, Nos, Sidras, Tera,
Elga, Leda, Mode, Sida, Bona, a treble, Nava, Sande, Yedo, Allah, Mas,
a dreg, Pam, Iasi, a neral, a moan, a div, Rep, Otes, Nita, MatE,
Braga, Elura, Isus, Etan, SMD, SMB, Arden, SbW, ECA, SBA, Camus, Rein,
Anitra, Ate, Yard, Ivon, MVD, ATS, Elara, a muon, Arp, a crab, Zak,
Lamas, notes, a zap, Kaela, Dona, a civ, Feer, Niger, Mak, Tanga, a
vert, Noma, Acima, Dael, Nabal, a din, Tol, a maar, Tob, Cita, Tod, a
lab, Para, a lag, Alodi, Zeus, a cir, Hus, Elita, Nonnah, AAE, STM,
Nole, Serb, Sera, Ranie, BEW, Emad, Idas, Mina, Elo, Nidia, Adela,
Anu, Kara, Rap, Isle, Kari, a drag, a tid, Mil, Lib, Lin, Hatta, NEbE,
Kaya, cava, Taka, Latina, Ahola, Sumer, Even, a mag, a bun, a bul,
BSS, a mat, a mas, a mar, Deena, Daddah, Urd, a lap, TPN, Adila,
Lewes, a ton, DOP, MRA, Gola, Boma, BMEd, Naga, Abadan, Gula, Kaleb, a
paca, a novel, a vas, Hopi, Libra, Libre, Sieg, a role, Agni, Attu,
STOL, Talie, a navar, Sile, Gee, SSD, Ema, BAS, Sunil, a mud, EMU,
BAg, Dibri, Rolan, Ban, Abana, NRAB, a belga, an eel, a rem, Bara,
RMA, Ari, an ale, Ark, Resa, RADA, Ain, Rod, a roc, a hod, Cut, a
diam, Avon, Dada, a hire, a lop, Brad, Marta, Maat, a nog, a tela, a
mona, Etra, Curt, Leon, Ravi, Tiana, a tale, Amer, a yam, Mara, Aleen,
Sara, Yam, Alitta, Mika, Deer, Tiga, Gad, an ire, Lati, Air, Salem,
Adi, AIC, mota, Avra, Iva, Alon, Allen, Nika, Nay, Lita, Pan, Ervin,
Syl, AHSA, Yoga, AISI, a dorab, Nah, a rad, a nail, a tola, Goda,
Kela, Jara, Abo, Blok, Neda, Uela, a gram, a rode, maremme, Aym, Ivan,
Weil, Feil, FERA, Maro, Soo, Kus, Tada, Mada, Ahir, Flor, Dan, Tita, a
yen, USV, Ugarit, NASA, Reba, Basset, ESE, Rettig, Rampur, YHA,
Molossus, Sybaris, Sansk, Bap, Mulki, a roke, Iris, IAD, a rial, Ihab,
Murat, Revell, a nock, a yds, a puna, Akaba, Kansu, Halie, Hsi,
Rennane, EHF, Aqaba, Wsan, Luna, Ker, Redroe, Letti, Faletti, Wald,
Eddy, Orna, Ora, Assyr, a lea, Luben, pools, Alain, Neibart, Eyde,
Ynez, Zipah, Sfax, Reynosa, Ewall, Ebony, Brith, Gilford, Nassau,
Lapith, Sayed, Argile, Haimes, an anole, Eng, Napaeae, Vaclav, a
morel, CSA, Cari, Danit, Ramadan, Rojas, Saimon, Omari, Gean, Ugo,
Gar, Calama, Kale, a model, Otaru, Alatea, NATO, Yenan, Iapyx, a barb,
Ezarra, Tsai, Grobe, a zebrass, a villa, Hts, O'Kelly, Bisbee, Bath,
Emlyn, Ivanna, Ruth, Supt, Eris, a dele, Venola, Banat, Undis, Abbai,
Ralli, Arakawa, Raseta, Bonnet, an amowt, a battik, Rubetta, LPG,
Nebr, Rana, eats, Irazu, Mroz, M-day, Taku, Kruter, Iambe, Cure,
Prevot, Saud, Repeal, LeCroy, Wash, Ceres, sabalos, Oeflein, a psalm,
Irfan, Olli, Arges, Siu Shue, Yup, Uda, Frame, Garofalo, bons amis,
Eysk, a loner, Omri, Sabra, Barea, Hsian, a disuse, Orczy, Bee, Zara,
Asar, RATO, cocos, sata, Zoila, masais, Eritrea, Banda, Wallas,
lawmen, Tupler, Race, Reviel, Lamaism, Ygerne, Gahl, IHS, a roll,
Elaina, Regan, a mora, Odlo, Salina, Braca, Gal, Bleuler, Thor, Gery,
Erfurt, Sindee, Hara, Gladis, Ahl, Ieda, Sela, Hwang, a mort, Radha,
Mekong, Falk, Danas, Ikaria, SWbW, NHG, a trumpet, Nanine, Selene,
RCAF, Logan, an up-bow, Sapir, Dale, ICBM, Aldora, Hebr, Eyre, Panay,
Adv, Lory, Tonga, hippi, Camm, Ocana, Manteca, Fasto, Olcott, a lpW,
NNP, Yucatnel, a vesta, Islam, Batna, Clo, Ivana, Mehalek, Aeaea,
Rgen, Ulani, Defoe, Renelle, Kulun, a pie, cargoes, Ilene, Puss, Edna,
Jer, DNA, Roy, a motto, Dira, an ore, Gyor, Ladino, Cardinal, Elbe,
RPQ, Erastes, Sayer, Omak, a taster, Ebert, Imitt, eyes, Welton,
Kabir, a bot, Moyra, Noble, Sabino, Yates, Oralee, Haukom, Ogata,
Fayola, Msgr, Fae, Belita, Lovash, Cufic, Nanning, Ilario, Manus,
Madalena, HCM, Ardath, Gilba, Tiv, Elsie, Leann, Etna, Arta, Nisan,
Irita, Consett, Evie, Isborne, Gauss, a baba, Ezr, Ufa, Sat, Seif,
Orgell, an atm, Baker, Uele, Zsa, Tojo, Rodmun, a cranage, Kragh,
Saki, Ricard, Raji, Goes, a pack, Arola, Vale, Dirk, Uno, Kienan,
Elmer, Ellamae, Dosh, Tomsk, Nahshu, Ohaus, Uruk, a doe, Nakada, Edam,
Omar, Obala, Saw, Oceanid, Emmi, Janus, Obaza, R. Bayer, Felipa, Amur,
Tseng, a terbia, Baler, UAW, a spirant, cates, Satanist, Uwton,
Racine, Brout, Pesaro, Tsana, a jole, Mlaga, Yamato-e, LCL, Bleier,
Deth, SEbS, Revere, volcanos, newsmen, Imelida, Fenner, a wile,
Matane, Rog, Nasia, Danna, Milli, a mster, Paff, NABAC, Enesco, Damia,
Bruni, velamina, Hock, Cabot, a dag, Gahanna, Elke, Egan, oodles,
Ohara, Ogdon, Ysabel, Palos, Tejo, Menado, Yand, Ronald, Orran, Nessi,
Necho, UHF, Argades, Logi, Raglan, a gnu, Likasi, Irus, Sam Elliot, an
agr, Uke, Madaras, Nanna, Haida, Lajoie, Salba, Vardon, a limper, TSF,
Nina, a tef, Fatah, an imaret, lekanai, spacemen, Adair, Tut, Riva,
Kass, Ill, Low, Mikan, an alb, a fallal, Edin, Ozona, a ruga, Nanny,
Salomi, paise, Dev, OTC, UAR, Ysaye, hsien, Urbani, Sereth, Gupta,
Namara, Nakuru, Jesse, Banares, Iey, Leesburg, a misc, a fare, Genie,
HJS, Byrn, EHFA, a word, Epp, an acacia, Mortie, Cedalion, a loin, a
regalia, Paros, Ikeja, MEPA, Kayne, Edea, Butyn, Nodab, Franni, Lauro,
Bib, Tarra, Foss, a cippus, a war, a rattan, a guan, a giron, a
suitor, Gatun, Adm, Cdoba, LaMee, KCMG, Etana, Mascia, lanais, Eli
Shamir, a batter, a snub, Darra, Edana, Espoo, Catie, Meggi, Frodi,
Muharram, Dacia, Kasai, T-men, a jerbil, a camp, Tamayo, Cocalus,
Omero, T-bar, an app, Mugabe, Neddie, Renny, Retha, Lillo, Cod, Elat,
Alliber, okapis, lapins, Rapallo, Danni, a tramcar, Sadiras, Mark,
Cuban, Y-level, Negus, Pape, Ewan, Alfadir, Damiani, Samala, Sade,
HRIP, USM, Isidor, Tips, Adlei, Falito, Ardy, a flora, Casie, Renae,
Navarre, Debi, Katar, a carte, Prud, Labuan, Hukill, Ehman, Emmit,
Recit, Ona, Orgel, Lala, Ralina, partes, a pilaf, Menard, Carpo, Caen,
Ilana, L'Otage, Mlar, Uganda, Paine, Raab, Ehr, a plain, Edan, Owades,
Behan, Irrawaddy, Laws, Neddra, Hilo, VOR, Ewold, Ptah, salpae,
Sorrows, a kana, Tomah, Him, Esau, Bahamas, Rhene, Gant, Manet, Ramos,
Susanna, Murton, Orola, Kimon, Ellis, a presto, Grenada, Nace, Cimah,
Tacy, a basnet, Rameau, Qatar, Usanis, Abakan, Oka, Natal, Papen,
Igal, a major, IHD, Lufkin, a jake, Berg, Emalee, Pang, Tait, Rocray,
Dimond, Yahgan, Arela, Babel, Bazar, magi, referda, Mable, Gelya,
Denny, Trammel, yaws, a kab, MHA, Raul, Ute, bigae, Daedala, Eos,
Delbert, Nanak, Idaho, Teide, Caye, Ohl, Lahore, udos, Colt, a mair,
Rahr, Roddy, OLLA, Nela, Gram, a die, Ratlam, a wab, Musil, a pita,
Talara, MATS, a vow, Tavel, Sikh, Torres, Seigel, Lido, Cad, Randy,
Parr, Udale, Badalona, tubas, Esmaria, Kiah, Hax, Ibanez, Rehm, Eros,
Edmanda, a cine, Jehu, Lifar, an iff, Uriia, Wahl, Laine, Locrian,
Campman, an ahu, Wayne, Knt, Epner, AAeE, Gonagle, Bevan, Ahab,
Artema, Kotta, datos, an e'en, Ifill, Ilke, Ergener, Iache, Toni,
Talanian, a gaw, a seiren, Ivie, Kelt, Tomasine, Baez, Metsys, an abl,
Ehud, Nihi, Thalassa, Leroy, a teil, Ujiji, Emmet, Samos, Obad,
Lochia, Damick, a hag, Sipple, Duce, Tarrah, Stark, Sumatra, MSArch,
numina, Nabila, a mara, labra, Tathata, lamias, Iman, Aella, DAB, Bub,
a ger, Garik, an agron, a shed, Rabi, Raamses, Saloma, Pel, a satin,
Egadi, Ovalle, Sabbat, Redd, a wat, Axa, a sei, lenes, Leff, entea,
Hayse, Majka, Robaina, Leonid, Rahmann, a bolo, Calli, Mello, Cini,
putti, Liman, a grommet, Ina, Jam, a satai, Rube, Popele, mesela,
Gdel, a cedar, Elmira, Savage, Parma, Tine, Leeann, a catnip, a sadi,
Cyler, Trask, Silas, Sooner, Egor, a mitt, a colt, a nullo, Carl,
Imelda, Ebro, Odab, Olga, Callida, Cairo, Ledeen, disli, Ramsden, a
bib, DAE, Josi, VanAtta, Mell, a gib, a tat, Surt, Koo, PSAT, a tuba,
Micro, Sartin, Kemme, FAM, Simona, Ollen, a sipper, Pareto, Reger, a
bayou, Bang, Isa, Remde, ROP, a kaka, a kas, Ulrika, Fangio, Camb,
CTC, Sedan, epitra, MDO, Oralia, Matless, a hodden, a mina, Hoku,
Rotow, Caaba, a lila, Prosser, Peraea, Belgrano, Danl, Ednie, Tally,
Saml, Ohare, Tini, Anna Bruss, Odawa, Balkis, a jad, Sucre, HBM,
O'Casey, Anita, Weekley, a ganef, Urdar, Basir, Rodie, Meta, Gabi,
Tarah, Proxima, Nelli, Kano, MedScD, Nox, an anniv, Cot, Nobe, Olaf,
Ickes, a hiss, a caffa, TSgt, Caesar, Cusanus, llanos, Norbie, Nejd,
Narah, Celia, Wake, Carboni, Daladier, a rattrap, Marabel, a charas,
Wang, AeE, Dasya, Helda, Laney, Ena, a lay, Nabis, a sim, a dauk,
Sunny, Loja, Telfer, Pasay, Gari, Dasie, Gresham, Isaiah, Saito, Csel,
Sinas, EdB, Bud, a buran, Alemannic, Orelia, RFA, Kyra, Sam Kim, a
darts, a mussy, Lananna, Earvin, Ulla, Bonacci, OSS, a bayamo, Otto,
Granada, Oran, Abelard, Olea, Basile, dos, Mort, Oleg, Natalee, Keese,
Negress, Alcaeus, Sita, San, Rola, Dnitz, Tokyo, Haslett, a bde,
Cremona, epeidia, Mia, Letsou, Kelci, Lacaille, BAgSc, Dwaine, a
tabla, Kum, an akala, BWC, Alamo, Enugu, Leto, Kahn, Etienne, Jobi,
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Super Sam - January 26, 2006 03:07 PM (GMT)
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Picasso, Farra, Tbi, Boru, a linn, a rfb, a donny, tubae, Deenya,
Kape, Maje, Kisor, a pail, a geraniol, an oil, a deceit, Romaic, a
canap, Pedro, Waaf, Henry, BSJ, Hein, Eger, a facsim, a grub, Seely,
Eiser, an abesse, Juru, Kanara, Manat, Pugh, Teresina, Brunei, Sheya,
Syr, AUC, Tove, Desi, a pimola, Synn, an agura, an ozonide, Lalla,
Fablan, Anakim, Woll, Lissak, a virtu, Triad, an eme, Capsian, a
kelter, a minah, a taffeta, an inf, Strep, Milano, Drava, Blaseio,
Jala, Diahann, Ansar, a dame, Kurgan, a toil, Lemass, Uriisa, Kilung,
an alg, a rigol, Seda, Graf, Huoh, Cenis, Sennar, Rodl, an ordn, a
yod, a nemo, Jet Sol, a pleb, a synod, Goar, a hosel, Doon, a geek,
Leanna, Haggada, Toback, Cohanim, a levin, Urbai, Madoc, Seneca,
Banff, a pret, Smail, Limann, Adai, Sango, Renata, Meli, Warenne,
Fadil, Eminem, Swenson, a clover, Evers, BeShT, Edrei, Elbl, Cleota,
Mayag, Almelo, Jaan, Astor, a septuor, Beni, Carnot, Wutsin, a tasset,
a ctn, a ripsaw, Aurel, a bai, Bretagne, Struma, a pile, Freya, Braz,
a bosun, a jim, Medina, ECOWAS, a labor, a mom, a dead, Akane Oda,
Kurusu, Ahouh, Shanks, moths, odea, Maller, Emlen, an eikon, Ukr,
Idel, a valor, AKC, a paseo, Gij, Ardra, Ciri, Kashgar, Keg, an
arcanum, Doro, jotas, Zel, Eureka, BMT, an allegro, fiestas, a furze,
a babassu, a genro, BSIE, Ivette, Sno-Cat, Irina, Sinatra, antennae,
leis, Levit, a blight, a dram, Chanel, Adamsun, a moir, a lignin,
Nanci, Fuchs, a volatile, Bea, FRGS, Maloy, a fat, a go-moku, a heel,
a roset, a yoni, Basel, Bonar, yom tob, a rib, a knot, Lewse, Yetti,
Mitre, berets, a taka, Morey, assets, a req, Preble, Lani, Draconid,
Alroy, Gerona, a ridotto, Mayor, Andrej, Andes, Supen, Eliseo, Grace
Ip, an ulu, Kellene, Reo, Fedin, a lune, Graeae, Akela, Heman, a viol,
Cantab, MALS, IATSE, Valenta, Cuyp, NNW, Platto, Cloots, a facet,
Naman, a comma, cippi, Hagno, Tyrol, V-Day, an apery, Erbe, Harod,
Lamb, Ciel, a drip, a swob, Punan, a golf, a crenel, Esenin, Antep,
Murtagh, NWbW, Sair, a kisan, a dkl, a fgn, Okemah, Dart, Romagna,
whales, a deil, Hasid, Algar, a heed, Nistru, Freyre, Groh, Trelu,
Elblag, a carbanil, a soldo, a roman, a geranial, Ellora, Shilh, a
genre, gymsia, mallei, Vere, Carrel, Putnem, Walsall, a wadna, Baer,
Tiresias, a mali, Oza, Tasso, Coco, Tarrasa, a razee, Byz, Croesusi,
Danai, Shaer, a barba, Sir, Moreno, Laks, Yesima, SNOBOL, a forage,
Marfa, Dupuy, Euh, Suisse, Grail, Lona, Friml, a spaniel, Feosol, a
bass, Erech, Sawyor, cellae, Perdu, a stover, Peru, Ceb, Maire, Turku,
Katya, DMZ, Ormuz, aristae, an arr, Beng, Platte, Burkitt, a batwoman,
a tenno, Bates, Arawak, a rail, Lari, Abbasid, Nut, an abalone,
Veleda, Siret, Pushtu, Rann, a vinyl, Mehta, Beeb, Sibylle, Kos,
thalli, Vassar, Bezae, Borgia, Starr, a zebra, Baxy, Pain, an eyot, an
aet, a laura, Toledo, Mael, a kamala, Crag, Ogun, Aegir, a mono,
Miass, a jornada, Martina, Dirac, a scleroma, Val, caveae, a pang,
Neelon, an asemia, Heli, Gradey, Ashti, Paluas, Sandro, Flight, Irby,
Nobell, a weason, Yerxa, FSH, a pizz, Enyedy, Etr, a biennial, a
sloop, nebulae, Laryssa, a roan, Roydd, Edla, Witte, Lafitte, Leor,
Derrek, an ulna, Swab, a qaf, Heenan, Neri, Sheilah, USN, a kabaka, an
upas, Dyak, Conall, Evert, a rumba, Hilaira, Daisi, Rie, korai, Klump,
a bks, Nassir, a byssus, Soloma, Hyrup, Margit, Terese, Tessa, Baber,
a santir, a guv, Suneya, a tit, NAD, Rolf, Riha, a dam, a dat, Suk,
o-os, Oram, a ref, Lief, Liew, navi, Mya, Emmeram, Edora, Marga, a
leu, a den, Kolb, Oba, a raj, a lek, a dog, a lota, Liana, Dara, Han,
Baroda, Isia, a goy, Asha, Lys, Nivre, Nap, a til, Yan, a kin, Nella,
Nola, Avi, Arva, a tom, Cia, Ida, Melas, Ria, Ital, Erina, Dag, a git,
Reed, Akim, Attila, May, Aras, neela, a ram, Maya, Rema, Elata, an
ait, Ivar, Noel, Truc, Arte, a noma, Aleta, Gona, Taam, a tram, Darb,
Pola, Eriha, a dad, Nova, Maida, TUC, Doha, Cora, Dor, NIA, Adar, a
ser, Kra, Elana, Ira, Amr, a rab, Mera, Leena, a gleba, Barn, an aba,
NAB, Nalor, Irbid, Gab, Ume, Duma, Linus, Sab, Ame, DSS, EEG, Elis,
Ravana, Eilat, lots, Utta, Inga, Elora, Geis, Erbil, Arbil, Ipoh,
Sava, Levona, a capa, Belak, a lug, Nadaba, Agan, Demb, a mob, a log,
Arm, POD, nota, Sewel, Alida, Npt, pala, Dru, Haddad, a need, Rama,
Sama, Tama, SSB, Luba, Nuba, Gama, Neve, Remus, Aloha, an ital, a kat,
a vac, a yak, Eben, Attah, Nil, Bil, Lim, Dita, Garda, Irak, Elsi,
Par, Arak, Una, Aleda, Aidin, Ole, a nim, Sadi, Dame, Web, Einar, a
res, Bres, Elon, Mts, EAA, Hannon, a tile, Suh, Rica, Suez, Idola,
Gala, a rap, Bala, Dot, a tic, BOT, Raama, Lot, Nida, Laban, Lead, a
mica, a mon, Treva, a gnat, Kam, Regin, Reef, vica, a nod, a leak,
Paza, Seton, Samal, Kaz, Barca, PRA, Nouma, a rale, Sta, DVM, Novi,
Dray, Eta, Artina, Nier, Sumac, ABS, Ace, WbS, Nedra, BMS, DMS, Nate,
Susi, a rule, a garb, Etam, a tin, Seto, Per, Vida, Naoma, Larena,
Isai, Map, Gerda, Sam, Halla, Odey, Ednas, a van, Elberta, a nob, a
dis, Edom, a del, Agle, Aret, Sardis, Son, Arri, Sina, Tina, Rad,
Elah, Narra, Rahel, a dan, Don, Malca, Lina, Rue, Ylla, a may, ACP, a
lobo, Hey, Prot, Viva, Klina, Issus, EST, a grey, Sale, Oona, ETV,
Romo, a veer, Ami, Oira, Toma, Iwo, a vis, IFF, a marga, Kile, Enid,
Atila, MSL, Cuda, Evora, Rima, Sima, a kona, an elem, Den, a rut, a
lat, Noh, Raila, Ariana, a nib, Mona, Edra, DHL, Sorel, Nam, an uta, a
tad, Wal, a vel, Ham, an alp, Nedi, Dam, EAM, BAM, Cam, AAM, Bal, a
dil, an air, Tsan, Dal, MFA, Nata, Mata, Ram, Mal, Ragusa, Nis, a jak,
Cyn, Tena, Rota, BIS, Napa, a geb, BFA, Esc, Roca, a crap, Niven,
Aili, a nub, SbE, an iron, Nat, Lat, Mat, Bat, a deer, a neb, a mel, a
loma, a cola, a dor, Maera, a men, Edie, Vat, a lam, an abaca, Ire,
Tila, Abas, BEd, AEd, LAC, Reeba, Wed, a dir, eila, Tara, Artima,
Roma, Nila, Irma, PRE, an ihp, an oval, an ala, moca, Roid, a laud,
Salta, animala, a sum, Soma, Selig, Avram, grana, ASM, a navel, Marc,
a vil, Lorena, Nessa, a far, taws, ASU, a zila, BEF, a rep, Alic, ERA,
Mai, Frodin, a mil, CPA, OPA, PABA, Niv, IRO, Spa, Neman, Nadia,
Kelsi, API, DJS, Reval, Agana, Reik, ATC, Oni, tega, Toor, POB, a
raki, Ced, a mol, APSA, Espana, MSH, Rev, Bac, Reta, a rod, Irbil,
Osei, Rebah, Kel, a lav, Lem, Mss, NSA, Bre, Nari, Med, Alec, Alem,
Nero, Yen, Rus, Zaid, Alia, Aynat, Gorga, MBA, Ben, Vona, Abbe, Accad,
SPCA, Hen, Eba, Praha, Len, Nisa, Ebn, Diana, Amp, Pisa, tsuba, a lev,
LCD, Wbn, Tica, Isac, Tsuda, IFC, an ide, Let, PAC, Harden, Sid, Mana,
Nana, Der, Sac, Sug, Ger, BID, AID, Nagle, Ave, Gmc, Male, Pana,
Aggada, Tana, AAF, Yuga, a whit, a rev, a sir, Sidra, lees, a gust,
RAF, a slut, Erie, a ller, Agnola, Nev, MSD, Aron, silos, Eyla, Lauda,
Massa, Mira, an oik, Labanna, Diba, DSO, Tor, vasa, BLL, Aso, an anat,
Lael, Mora, Neila, BCS, ATP, Ode, BLA, Ide, Bor', Fla, Ila, Nor, Mor,
SMA, Ade, Ola, Lexi, Pax, a diag, a hall, a caracol, a boral, Chane,
Grasse, Benil, a pood, an amba, Rem, Erasmo, Kid, litatu, Jana, Luo,
Aia, Jose, Zitah, SBLI, Sabah, Crossett, Evang, Keyek, Circe, a supr,
a canal, Panama.

All shall hail my 17,259 word palindrome that spans two posts.

Shadow Scythe - August 11, 2006 02:40 PM (GMT)
Errors can not onnacsrorre.

Uh, that didn't work. How about...

Ape else can ace sleep a.

Well, those were real words, but it didn't make sense... let's see...

La err or real.


Seus, sit on no tissues.

Well, that worta worked. Seus is a real last name, and that's definately a palendrome. It doesn't compare to Super Sam's million page long one, though.

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