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Cheryl - July 17, 2006 04:10 AM (GMT)

Unsolved Crimes

There are two Major Crime Units within RCMP "J" Division ( New Brunswick ). Major Crime investigates serious crime, including homicides and missing persons, where foul play is suspected. Major Crime ( South ) is located at the R.C.M.P. Headquarters in Fredericton and is responsible for most of the southern half of the Province, while Major Crime ( North ) in Bathurst is responsible for most of the northern half of New Brunswick.

There have been many advances in crime scene techniques over the years which have helped us to solve crime, such as the use of DNA. However, the most successful method of solving a crime is still the assistance of the general public.

The following cases are some of those we are currently investigating. Please have a look at the details of these cases. If you feel you have any information which may be of assistance, please contact us and speak with one of our investigators. All calls are confidential.

Major Crime Unit ( South )
P.O. Box 3900
1445 Regent Street
Fredericton, New Brunswick
Telephone: ( 506 ) 452-3491

Major Crime Unit ( North )
900 Vanier Blvd.
Bathurst, New Brunswick
Telephone: ( 506 ) 548-7774

New Brunswick Crime Stoppers

Murder Kathy WELNER File: 2005-J-22870

This 45 year old Moncton woman was believed to be last seen alive on May 11th or 12th, 2005 in Moncton, NB. Her naked body was discovered on May 17th, 2005 at 7pm under an ATV bridge at the head of the Shediac River in Stilesville, NB. She is described as being 157cm tall, weighing 49kg with brown hair and hazel eyes.

Should you have any information on the murder of Kathy Welner, please contact the RCMP Major Crime Unit at 506-452-3491 or Crimestoppers at 1-800-222-TIPS(8477).

Suspicious death Wallace Tupper File: 1995-MCU-574

On April 8th, 1985, the body of Wallace Tupper was found floating in the water at the Beechwood Dams, near Florenceville, N.B.. Mrs. Charlene Tupper, mother of Wallace Tupper, reported her son missing on November 26th, 1984. Several rumors are circulating to the fact that Wallace Tupper's death was not accidental.

Should you have any information on the suspicious death of Wallace Tupper, please contact the RCMP Major Crime Unit in Bathurst at 506-548-7774.

Murder John Doyle Jr File: 1984-MCU-426

On September 22nd, 1984, John Doyle Jr, 15 years old, living in Mitchell Settlement, near Jacquet River, NB left his residence at noon on his bicycle, to go to Jacquet River. John Doyle Jr was seen between 3 p.m. and 5 p.m. the same day and hasn't been seen since. It's only the next day that his body was recovered, underneath trees that had been set on fire. His bicycle was located at the crime scene and the investigation revealed that John Doyle Jr was a victim of a homicide.

Should you have any information on the murder of John Doyle, please contact the RCMP Major Crime Unit in Bathurst at 506-548-7774.

Suspicions death Roger Bujold File: 1995-MCU-2841

On November 10th, 1995, Roger Bujold was heading home after spending the week hunting with friends. Mr. Bujold was proudly displaying his deer that he had killed. For an unknown reason, Mr Bujold had immobilised his 1986 Ford Pick up truck, red in color, on the side of highway 108, 10 kilometers from the city of Plaster Rock. His body was found dead in the woods, approximately 800 feet from his vehicle. The deer that was on the roof of the truck had been stolen. The investigation revealed that Roger Bujold could have been victim of a murder.

Should you have any information on the suspicious death of Roger Bujold , please contact the RCMP Major Crime Unit in Bathurst at 506-548-7774.

Murder Jeanne Sivret File: 1986-MCU-184

On May 11th, 1986, Mrs. Jeanne Sivret left her residence to take a walk after a dispute with her husband, Ernest Sivret. Mrs. Sivret was last seen by witnesses at 11:30 p.m. the same day. She never returned home. It's only the next day that she was reported missing by her husband before attending work. The body of Mrs. Sivret was found late in the evening by a search team. The investigation revealed Mrs. Sivret was victim of a murder.

Should you have any information on the murder of Jeanne Sivret, please contact the RCMP Major Crime Unit in Bathurst at 506-548-7774

Murder Robert Joseph Lobb File: 200-MCU-721

On November 29th, 2000 the body of Robert Joseph Lobb was found in his residence located at 92 Malauze Road, in Val d'Amour, N.B. by three workers who were there to do renovations. Robert Lobb was last seen alive on November 22nd, 2000. Lobb was known to sell drugs and the investigation revealed that Robert Lobb was victim of a homicide. The investigators revealed it would be related to a dispute settlement.

Should you have any information on the murder of Robert Joseph Lobb, please contact the RCMP Major Crime Unit in Bathurst at 506-548-7774

Murder James Henry Mills File: 97-MCU-101

On July 24th, 1991, James Henry Mills was found dead in his cell while he was serving his sentence at the Atlantic maximum security penitentiary, better known as Renous. Mills didn't show up at the cafeteria for his shift starting at 6:30 am. His absence was reported to the guards who found Mills's body in his cell. The investigation revealed that Mills was victim of a homicide.

Should you have any information on the murder of James Henry Mills, please contact the RCMP Major Crime Unit in Bathurst at 506-548-7774

Suspicious death Paul David Henderson File: 1999-UCM-112

On November 14th, 1981, the body of Paul David Henderson, alias Puncho, 17 years old, was found by two young men playing on the cat walk under the Centennial Bridge in Miramichi, N.B.. The investigation revealed that on October 31st, 1981, Paul Henderson and two of his friends went to the Ambassador Hotel in Chatham, NB around 7:00 p.m. Henderson tried to enter on several occasions but was refused access because of his age. His two friends were able to enter into the bar and it was the last time Henderson was seen alive.

Should you have any information on the suspicious death of Paul David Henderson, please contact the RCMP Major Crime Unit in Bathurst at 506-548-7774

Murder Mary Beatrice Redmond File:1996-UCM-083

On March 24th, 1974, the body of Mary Beatrice Redmond was found in the entrance of her residence located on the second floor of the 88 Bridge Street, in Chatam Head, N.B.. The investigation revealed that Mrs. Redmond, 56 years old, was at the 7:00 p.m. mass. She then stopped at the Henderson convenience store to purchase cigarettes and a newspaper. It would be the last time she was seen alive. Her leather purse, cigarettes, the newspaper and her light brown leather jacket have not been found.

Should you have any information on Mary Beatrice Redmond's thirty year old murder, please contact the RCMP Major Crime Unit in Bathurst at 506-548-7774.

Missing Person Sonore Comeau File 1991-UCM-422

Sonore Comeau, residing in Tabusintac near Neguac, N.B., was last seen on February 1st, 1991. Witnesses reported that he was under the influence of alcohol at the time of his disappearance. He was wearing a white jacket with brown trim, red checkered shirt, brown pants and brown boots. He was wearing silver trimmed glasses. Sonore COMEAU was born on February 23rd, 1940 and he's described as a Caucasian, height: 173 cm (5'8") weight:70 kg ( 154 ). He is of medium complexion with black and grey hair, blues eyes, a moustache and he is toothless.

Should you have any information on the whereabouts of Sonore Comeau, please contact the RCMP Tracadie-Sheila detachment at 506-393-3001 or the Bathurst Major Crime Unit at 506-548-7774

Murder Mary Lou BARNES & Larry MILLS Jr. File 95-J-3068

On Sunday evening of November 5th, Larry Sr. brought his son Larry Jr. back to his mom's home in British Settlement. Mary Lou had spent the day cleaning and later on that evening she spoke with a friend on the phone. Mary Lou worked at a local Nursing Home and the following morning, Monday the 6th of November, 1995, she did not show up at work. She and her son, Larry Jr. were both discovered murdered at their residence. Police are very interested in knowing if anybody may have been to Mary Lou's home that evening or any other information about this crime.

Missing Person (suspected foul play) Victor BOUCHER File 96-J-1182

The 25 year-old Minto man was last seen at his residence on the Tracy Road on May 6th, 1996. Mr. BOUCHER was a jack of all trades and had built his own home where he lived at the time of his disappearance. At the time of his disappearance, the five foot six inch BOUCHER had blond hair, blue eyes, a closely trimmed beard and he walked with a slight limp.

Murder Dora FERGUSON File 96-J-987

A 22 year old Island View, New Brunswick, woman was last seen alive as she was walking along the Trans Canada highway at Island View on August 22nd, 1979. On April 21st, 1996, skeletal remains were found in a garbage bag by a man out walking along the Valley Trail just outside Fredericton. The remains were later positively identified as being those of Dora FERGUSON and it was determined that she had been murdered.

Murder Richard BUDD File 92-J-1944

On March 8th, 1978 at approximately 10:00 P.M., RCMP were called to the residence of Richard BUDD, then aged 43, at Maugerville, New Brunswick. When the police arrived they discovered that BUDD had been shot and transported to the Oromocto Hospital where he was declared dead on arrival.

Murder Jessica ESTABROOKS File 96-J-2146

A 20 year old Moncton, New Brunswick, woman was last seen on August 23rd, 1996 as she walked home along Killam Drive after finishing her shift at the Burger King restaurant. On October 21st, 1996, partial human remains were found along the banks of the Petitcodiac River near Beaumont and were later positively identified as those of Jessica ESTABROOKS.

Murder DOUGLAS JAMES EDGETT File 91-J-1419

On Saturday, February 23, 1991, it was a bitterly cold day, with wind chill temperatures as low as -37 Celsius. A lone snowmobiler, traveling along a woods road, just off the Pacific Junction Road near Moncton, happened upon a scene he will never forget. It is here he found a man lying face down in the snow. Realizing the severity of the situation, the snowmobiler notified the police, and the investigation has provided the following information. The body was identified as that of known drug abuser, Douglas James Edgett, 25 years of age, and a resident of Moncton. He was last seen on Wednesday, February 20, 1991, and was reported missing the following day, Thursday, February 21. Sometime after February 20, Douglas James Edgett was accompanied by at least two men, as they drove from Moncton to the Pacific Junction Road. Arriving at a point where the road intersects with a smaller woods road, it appears the men walked into the woods together. At the point where Edgett’s body was found, it is believed the two companions turned on him, and it was here that Edgett was shot and killed instantly.


On Tuesday evening, October 19, 1965, John and Isabelle Felsing were out walking their dog, as they did quite frequently. They walked along a dead end road, the Oromocto Flats Road in Lincoln New Brunswick, which is near the riverbank. It was hunting season, and several hunters were in the area that day. But what happened this particular evening, was a most bizarre occurrence. John and Isabelle Felsing were shot and killed, simultaneously, with one #4 shot, from a twelve gauge shotgun. The person who shot the Felsing's were standing between them and the riverbank, only fifty to seventy feet away, when they took aim, and fired. (Both shot on left side from riverbank).

Over the years, numerous suspects have been interviewed, and as a result of the investigation, no new leads have turned up. Even at this point in time, it is not known if the shooting was intentional or accidental. The only person holding this information is the one who committed the offence, or a friend who may have been hunting with then.

Missing Person (suspected foul play) Jacques DUGUAY File 95-J-2116

On May 21st, 1982 the abandoned vehicle of Jacques Joseph DUGUAY, 29 years old of Saint John, New Brunswick, was found off of the Trans-Canada highway near Moncton, New Brunswick. Ten days later on May 30th, 1982 he was reported missing to police as no one had heard from him. DUGUAY was a known associate of Gary "Giggie" DOW's who disappeared in August, 1981 and whose human remains were later discovered near St. Martins, New Brunswick in June, 2000.

Murder Gary "Giggie" DOW File 2000-34

In August, 1981 Gary "Giggie" DOW, 29 years old of Saint John, New Brunswick, was reported missing to the Saint John Police. In June, 2000 human remains were found near St. Martins, New Brunswick that were later identified as those of Mr. DOW. Mr. DOW had been an associate of Jacques DUGUAY who had also disappeared in May, 1982.

10. Murder / Carl Murray HARVEY

Murder Carl Murray HARVEY File 2002-26

The RCMP Major Crimes Unit in Fredericton, NB continue to investigate the murder of Carl Murray HARVEY, age 38, he was originally from the Woodstock, NB area. Mr. HARVEY had been more recently residing in Canterbury, NB. The victim's body was discovered by relatives on the 21st of June, 2002. He owned the "Kid Rock" Auto Body shop which is located on Main Street, Canterbury, NB. Mr. HARVEY was last seen alive earlier during the week of June 17th, 2002. The RCMP continue to investigate Mr. HARVEY's death and we are asking for assistance from the public if anyone has any information about this incident or anyone who may have seen Mr. HARVEY during the week of June 17th.

Murder GEORGE SWANSON File 91-J-8372

A few days before December 21, 1977, George Edward Swanson went to the Hub City Lounge with a few acquaintances, the lounge was in the Hub City Motor Inn, which was situated at 636 Salisbury Road, Moncton New Brunswick. Swanson and a friend sat down, and were joined by others. After midnight, Swanson and others are believed to have visited other locations in the city. Then, sometime during the early morning hours, Swanson was driven toward Turtle Creek. The vehicle turned onto the Dewey Road, and drove almost to the end where the snowplow turns when cleaning the road. Here, Swanson was removed from the car by more than one person, and shot to death with at twelve gauge shotgun. Swanson's body was found in the snow, on the Dewey Road, Wednesday, December 21, 1977. Police have carried out an extensive investigation on this case. Necessary elements required to bring this case to a successful conclusion are still needed. If you have any information, anything you might have heard in conversation, or remember from that night of over twenty years ago, may be all that is needed to close this case once and for all.

Murder Philibert DAILLAIRE File 90-9438

On May 14th, 1977 between 10:00 and 10:20 P.M. Philibert DAILLAIRE, 57 years old of Cormierville, New Brunswick, was viciously attacked with a baseball bat after getting out of his vehicle while he made his way to his house. Mr. DAILLAIRE was later found unconscious and bleeding just outside his back step with severe trauma to his head. The culprits removed his wallet and its contents except for personal papers and then threw the wallet in the ditch in front of the house. Mr. DAILLAIRE never regained consciousness and later died in hospital on May 23rd, 1977 as a result of the injuries he received in the attack.

Home Invasion /Assault Causing Bodily

Henri LEGERE File 90-J-10351

On November 28th, 1990 two armed male subjects forced their way into the residence of 70 year old Henri LEGER on the Ouellette Road in Haute Aboujagane, New Brunswick. Mr. LEGER lived there with his wife and they had just received their old age pension cheques at the time of the home invasion. A struggle ensued and Mr. LEGER was beaten severely. Mr. LEGER died months later as in hospital never having recovered fully from the injuries he received as a result of this crime.

Murder Marcia LeBlanc / Marcel Cormier File 93-3942

Marcia LEBLANC, age 14 and Marcel CORMIER, age 17, were murdered on a back road in the St. Antoine area on the 14th of November 1993. RCMP Major Crime Unit ( South ) have spent a great deal of time investigating this double homicide, which remains unsolved to this day.

Investigators are very interested in speaking with Roger LEBLANC, age 34, who is presently listed as missing. Roger LEBLANC is a person of interest to the Major Crime Unit South. LEBLANC was known to frequent an after hours bar not far from the murder scene. Roger LEBLANC went missing the day after he was interviewed by police, on November 21st, 1993, concerning the murders of Marcia LEBLANC and Marcel CORMIER.

At first, authorities felt Roger LEBLANC was a lost hunter, however, it quickly came to light that Roger LEBLANC was in fact in the woods by choice. Some items belonging to Roger LEBLANC were found in the Canaan River. This area was searched extensively by both police and volunteer search and rescue personnel, but without success. It is believed Roger LEBLANC may be deceased. He was known to spend a lot of his time hunting in the Downey Siding area.

Investigators are asking the public to pay attention during the hunting season for anything which appears unusual. If, in fact Roger LEBLANC is dead, his remains could be discovered by hunters. This double homicide shocked the community and will remain on the minds of everyone until it is solved. The key to the successful conclusion of this investigation is locating Roger LEBLANC, dead or alive.

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