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Ultragirl - November 25, 2008 10:28 AM (GMT)
Real Name: Rebeca Romero
Superheroine Name: Ultragirl
Job: Collage Student, Reporter
Age: 20

During my Freshmen year of Collage there was an Accident at a near by Nuclear Power Plant. While investigating as a reporter for the school newspaper, I found a Pair of Blue Panties that when I wore then, Gave me Super-strength, Invulnerability and the ability to Fly. so I decided to become a Superheroine. I don't wear a Mask but instead wear Glasses in my True Identity.

However, when ever the Panties get WET with my Pussy Juices my Powers weaken, the wetter they become the weaker I become, and if I Orgasm completely soaking them they become useless at least for awhile. And strangely I've always had a fetish for being a helpless Superheroine at the mercy of a diabolical Villain or Villainess, So being Horny makes me Weak, and being Weak makes me Horny. Oh how unfortunate.

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